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Bargaining the Best Price when Buying Your Water Tank

There are many myths surrounding the purchase of a water tank, and the cost is often one of those. Purchasing even a very large rainwater tank is often cheaper than people realise.Bargaining the Best Price when Buying your Water Tank

Several factors affect price including whether purchasing a traditional round water tank, a slimline or some other style, the tank materials used, whether you purchase the tank only or a complete rainwater harvesting package, whether you buy direct from the manufacturer or through a distributor, and sometimes even the time of year.

As a general rule of thumb, prices for a 10,000L poly tank can range from around $1,500 to many thousands of dollars, depending on your requirements, while a 22,500L poly tank can start from around $2,500. Large sized tanks of almost 50,000L can start from around $6,500.

The rainwater tank market in Australia is very competitive and this means you as a consumer are in a very powerful bargaining position. Often the more popular manufacturing brands can provide you with a savings, but be careful to not strip out value adding packages that include a quality pump, strainers and other accessories. Also keep in mind freight/delivery and installation costs.

Beware of cheap plastic water tanks. While poly tanks can be a more cost effective tank material, there are some vendors in the market that sell lower quality imported water tanks made to much lower standards than Australian-made tanks. Buying from a quality, reputable Australian brand with a long warranty will give you peace of mind on your tank investment.

As a general tip, local distributers of a brand often obtain cheaper prices than direct customers. The reason for this is that they make a lot more purchases than a one-off customer. So if you like a particular brand, it can be worth your while calling a few places that sell that brand of tank and having them compete on price.

Companies that sell a lot of rainwater tanks often provide free freight to areas local. If you purchase through a local distributor, they may also have additional shipping arrangements in place with the manufacturer that reduce your own costs. So it pays to check with them.

When shopping for rainwater tanks, pay attention to seasonal specials. Discounts can also be found at agricultural shows and field days. Clark Tanks attend many local field days throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and you can often pick up a great deal if you visit our stand.

Finally, make sure to get several quotes and ask your vendor for advice on your specific needs. Different tank suppliers will tell you different stories, so you can get a better idea of your options by getting a range of advice.

With all of these tips in mind, make sure you talk to Clark Tanks before you buy anywhere else. We always strive to not just provide a very strong and high-quality rainwater tank, but as a trusted brand with efficient ISO9001 manufacturing processes, we offer extremely competitive prices that are hard to beat.


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