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When it comes to choosing a rainwater tank for properties, you want one that will fit your project, is built strong, complements its surrounding and won’t let you down.

You can rely on Clark Tanks to make you look good. Australians in the country have counted on Clark Tanks for years for their reliability. Don’t just get any rainwater tanks, get Clark Tanks.

  • Food-grade polyethylene for safe and fresh-tasting water
  • Ribbed-profile for added strength and they look much better than smooth profiles too!
  • One-piece construction (no lid for the roof) means no mosquitos, algae or vermin!
  • Thicker walls at the base and no side seams prevents warping and keeps structural integrity intact.
  • Wide range of Colorbond colours to choose from.
  • Hassle-free delivery by Clark Tanks to any accessible site (free delivery to most areas).

Clark Tanks beat other poly tanks in style, value and price. Our friendly staff are happy to assist you with advice and make recommendations.

Call us today on 1800 252 758 or use our enquiry form to get in touch.

Why Builders love Clark Tanks

Extra strong

Strong with tapered walls, thicker at the base

Colourbond colour range

Choose from an impressive range of Colourbond SUPA-UV colours.

No corrosion or rust

No rust, no corrosion, no lime and no rotting. Our tanks are extremely durable and there is no need to re-paint.

One piece construction

No lid means that no mosquitos, algae or vermin will get in this way!

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When your business depends on a rainwater tank, you soon get to know which one works best. And that's a Clark Tank. Clark have been around long enough to know how to build them tough to last longer. And they have the range to make sure you get the right tank for your needs. Bottom line is I can count on a Clark to get on with the job, while I get on with mine. That's the real peace of mind. And you just can't put a price on that.

Bob Thompson, Grazier

When your business is at the mercy of the weather, it’s very comforting to know you can count on some things to perform consistently, day in day out. Like my Clark Tanks. They’re built tough to last longer in Australian conditions, which helps make my operation more cost-efficient. And that makes for a more positive future. You’ve got to be happy with that.

Steve Collins, Tomato Grower

When I looked into getting a rainwater tank, I found out that people on the land who really depend on their tanks choose Clark. They trust Clark Tanks for their long-lasting quality and reliability. I also like Clark’s wide range of colours, styles and sizes. Best of all, I get to water my garden whenever I like, as much as I like, using my own rainwater. And to me that’s priceless.

Jillian Marshall, Gardener

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