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Why Poly Water Tanks?

The most popular type of water tank on the Australian market today are poly water tanks made from durable, UV-protected, food-grade polyethylene (a very lightweight, strong and safe plastic material).

Rainwater tanks are fabricated from a range of materials. Some common tank materials include plastics, galvanised steel, concrete, stainless steel, fiberglass or a combination.

Some of these are best suited for above ground use, while others perform well underground. Some are safer for drinking, others are better for grey water use. Finally, very large water tanks containers (above 50,000 litres) are generally available in steel, concrete or by coupling multiple poly tanks together.

7 Reasons Why Clark Tanks Manufacture Poly Water Tanks

Clark Tanks chose to specialise in manufacturing high-quality poly water tanks for seven major reasons. Poly water tanks:

  1. can be offered in variety of models, shapes and sizes to match your taste
  2. are more cost-effective than alternative materials
  3. are strong, light-weight, easy to transport and install
  4. don’t corrode nor rust, leak lead, lime or harmful chemicals
  5. prevent algae growth since they don’t let light in
  6. are much easier to clean and maintain.

Consider that many other tank materials require an inner lining that is often made from polyethylene. This can make cleaning and maintaining your water tank more difficult, especially if the lining breaks and needs to be replaced.

So just going with rainwater tank fully made of a poly compound seems like the best solution as a manufacturer and for a person needing a rainwater storage solution.

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