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Tank Delivery Preparation

You will need to arrange sufficient manpower to assist our driver to safely unload your tank/s. Each supplier has different requirements, but for Clark Tanks they are as follows:

  • 225gal – 3,000gal: 1 person required onsite at time of delivery
  • 5,000gal: 2 people required onsite at time of delivery
  • 5,200gal – 7,000gal: 3 people required onsite at time of delivery
  • 10,300gal: 4 people required onsite at time of delivery

Hiab delivery of 7,000gal – 10,300gal tanks is available from Clark Tanks Dalby  and requires only 2 people onsite at time delivery. Charges may apply and notification must be made before a delivery date can be confirmed.

The Hi-Ab is capable of lifting the 225gal – 2,200gal tank approx 1.8m (6ft) high and 2m away from the truck and the 3,000gal – 10,300gal approx. 0.9m (3ft) high and 1 – 2m away from the truck. This is strictly conditional upon the ground being suitable for the legs of the crane to stabilise the truck and if the truck has direct access to the site.

We will help site the tanks only if the site is ready and accessible for the truck and trailer combination of 19.5m long, 3.5m wide and 5m high. Please ensure that you notify logistics if there is sufficient space for the truck and trailer to be turned around (a minimum of 50m turning space is required) and also of any obstacles (i.e. low power lines, etc) that the driver will need to consider.

After delivery it is essential that unless the tank is being installed immediately, 2.5cm of water is put into the tank or the tank is tied down to prevent it from being blown away or damaged.