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How to Link Multiple Rainwater Tanks Together

How to link multiple Rainwater Tanks togetherLinking rainwater tanks together is an easy way to increase your water storage capacity without significant plumbing work. This article will explore what options are available when it comes to linking multiple rainwater tanks together and their advantages.

Option 1. Linking Tanks to Fill Evenly

To link tanks together so that they both evenly fill is accomplished by linking the tanks together near the bottom at their sides with piping. As your first tank fills up and water reaches the height of your link, rainwater will flow into your second tank until it attains the same height. At this point, both tanks will evenly fill up until full.

A benefit to this setup means you only need to tap off and/or pump water from your first tank (or tank that is lowest). Equally only one overflow is required in such a setup. It is important with tanks of different heights, that the tops (overflow) be aligned with each other. This normally means raising the smaller tank up on a higher foundation, or digging out beneath your taller tank before establishing its foundations.

It is important to include isolation valves if using this method, so that if one tank springs a leak, it will not drain all your tanks of their stored rainwater.

Option 2. Linking Tanks to Fill One at a Time

Tanks linked in series through their overflow will result in your first tank needing to fill up before rainwater flows into the next. The last tank in the series is setup with an overflow to expel excess water to your stormwater drainage as per a normal single tank setup.

To use water in all your tanks, each tank needs tapping and/or to be connected via piping at your desirable outlet level on their side. All tanks are piped from their outlet to underground piping that leads to your pump. Again, you should have isolation valves at your tank outlets so the release of water in a tank can be controlled.

While more complicated, this setup also can provide you with the best of both worlds should you desire tanks to fill up at the same time, simply open all valves. If individually, one after the other, close all except the first and open the next in the series as needed. This can be performed manually, or auto-switching can be setup to refill your storage tank should it drop below a certain level.

For more information about linking tanks see our article about the Benefits of Linking Multiple Rainwater Tanks. To get a great deal on a multi-tank system for your property, talk to the friendly team at Clark Tanks today.


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