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How Can I Tell a Quality Water Tank from a Cheap One?

Every industry where there is a product or service sold will have those who say their product is better and higher quality. The word “quality” is an easy word to attach, whether it is higher quality produce in burgers and pizzas or better quality electronic devices.

Some people don’t mind spending a little more for quality, and choosing a true high quality tank can save you time and expense in the future. A higher quality tank may also not be that much more expensive, if it is even more expensive.

What to Look For in a High Quality Poly Tank

When choosing a poly water tank it is untrue that they are all the same. Like anything, you get what you pay for. If you invest in a higher quality tank backed by a reputable brand, then you can often avoid hassle and expense later on.

Whether that is the design of your tank, highly skilled staff and quality manufacturing process or the overall value you receive—we aim to offer the highest quality in all areas. Here are four areas:

  1. Higher strength and longevity: You want ribs as they provide greater strength, a solid roof design with no support poles, tapered walls (thicker walls where the most water pressure is—on the lower part of the side walls).Tanks should be constructed as one-piece without side seams using UV-protected polyethylene. Lids should not be cut off the top for easy transport otherwise this introduces a weakness into the tank and creates additional entry points for mosquitoes.Minimally, you want a poly tank independently certified to AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.
  2. Greater tank style: While there is no standard for style, your personal taste here is the standard. Compare a tank with ribs to a tank without, and ribs look a lot nicer than flat. Compare a Clark Tanks tank to some other tank, and you will likely agree that our unique ribbed design offers one of the most attractive tanks on the market. More thought and planning goes into style, rather than just producing what is easiest. Ribs also provide greater wall strength.
  3. Safer, fresher water: Ensure your poly tank is made from food-safe poly (AS 2070 Plastics materials for food contact use) and the final tank product is safe for drinking water (AS/NZS 4020 Testing for products for use in contact with drinking water). With Clark Tanks, you will receive safe drinking water as all our tanks are made from food-grade polyethylene. Poly tanks will not rust or corrode, have no fibres and will not taint the taste of your water.
  4. Quality production process: a company that has in place quality management systems, provides you with a higher level of assurance that their product will be made the same each and every time. As such, a high quality product built once, will result in the same high quality product built over and over again – due to the quality management systems in place. For more information, read Is Your Water Tank Built According to ISO 9001?

Clark Tanks is committed to manufacturing quality poly products designed to meet the needs of rural and residential Australia. If you have found this article helpful, why not contact us today to discuss your needs.