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Sitting Tank Above Ground

Tank places on reinforced concrete slab. Important that slab is level and is at least 200mm greater than the diameter of the tank.

Unsupported pipework causes excess strain on fitting and tank wall. Take pipe directly into ground to avoid running over pipe and breaking fitting. To absorb any shocks or movements, insert a length of flexible pipe or expanding joint that is chemically compatible with contents.

Placing tanks on stand. Use hardwood decking with gaps no greater than 10mm. Decking MUST be supported by bearers strong enough so as not to allow any deflection of decking when tank is full.Pipe for tanks on stands must be supported by the tank stand NOT the tank. Flexible pipe is preferred as it will allow for any movement. IMPORTANT. Water tank stands must be designed by a qualified consulting engineer.

Rocky and uneven ground with little preparation causes undermining of base of tank and sharp objects can protrude through tank.

Inadequate overflow length may cause undermining of tank base. Overflowing water must be released away from the tank base.

Corrugated iron decking, timber sleepers and bricks are NOT ALLOWED. This type of decking should not be used under any circumstances as it is unstable and may stress the tank and cause the tank to fail.