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Site Preparation (Round Tanks)

To maximise the life of your tank you can prepare your site as follows:

  • Uniform compaction (free from soft spots) and on level ground
  • Tanks can be either placed on a 75-100mm bed of crusher dust (not sand), levelled, boxed and compacted, OR 100mm thick concrete pad
  • All bases must be at least 200mm greater then the diameter of the tank
  • Ensure that the base has some sort of retainment to prevent erosion, e.g. retaining beams
  • A flexible coupling must be fitted to each outlet to validate the guarantee
  • Specifications for slab for 46,825L (10,300 gal) and 36,369L (8,000 gal) tanks:
    • Slab must be at least 200mm bigger then the base diameter of the tank
    • Slab must be at least 150mm thick with 2 layers of F82 mesh 75mm apart and a thickening of 200mm wide and 200mm deep with Y16 reo bar at the bottom of the thickening around the edge of the slab
    • Slab must be 32 mpa concrete mix
  • Ensure all plumbing from the outlets is well supported and cannot be knocked.