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What’s A Better Tank?

When you purchase Clark Tanks’ water tanks you will receive a tank that is far better by design than you would likely get anywhere else.

At Clark Tanks we make it our mission to provide you with a tank that is better designed, better built and better value.

There is a reason why Clark Tanks has a reputation in the country as a quality water tank manufacturer and brand. This was true back in 1997 and it remains true today.

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask a friend who has purchased a Clark Tanks water tank if you can take a look. If you don’t know of anyone, then our friendly staff on 1800 252 758 may be able to assist. Optionally, you can visit us at one of our locations or an agricultural show or field day.

What a Better Water Tank Means

When choosing a poly water tank it is untrue that they are all the same. Like anything, you get what you pay for. If you invest in an higher quality tank backed by a mature brand, then you can avoid hassle and expense later on.

In simple terms, when we say “better” it means that you will benefit more by going with us. Whether that is the design of your tank, our highly skilled staff and quality manufacturing process or the value you receive—we aim to offer the highest quality in all areas.

Here are seven features to look for in a better water tank, all of which you naturally get with Clark Tanks:

  1. Better strength and longevity: Rib structure, solid roof design, no support poles, tapered walls and sizes built for strength, toughness and durability. Tanks are designed to last longer with thicker walls where the most water pressure is—on the lower part of the side walls.
  2. Better protection: Tanks are constructed as one piece from UV-protected polyethylene. They are truly one piece without a lid for the roof. This offers greater strength and eliminates entry points for mosquitoes, algae and vermin.
  3. Better looking: Clark Tanks’ unique rib design means you will receive the most attractive and stylish tank on the market. Ribs also provide a higher quality and robust tank to back up their good looks.
  4. Safer, fresher water: You will receive safe drinking water since our tanks are made from food-grade polyethylene. Our tank material will not rust or corrode, has no fibres and will not taint the taste of your water with chemicals.
  5. Ease of installation: Easy installation in all situations, whether residential, rural or industrial. The strength of your tank means it can even sit on a bed of crusher dust. Outlet position can also be drilled in on site at any position of your choice—the driver can fit the tanks on site.
  6. Flexible scheduling: Are you on a schedule? No problem. We provide flexible scheduling to fit in with your project whether building a new house, installing a shed or setting up a stock watering system.
  7. Reliable brand: Clark Tanks have been in the water tank business a while, and have built a successful track record throughout Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Clark Tanks is proud to be recognised as a premier water tank brand.