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Water Tanks Chinchilla

Known as the ‘Melon Capital of Australia’, Chinchilla is a rural town in Queensland. Agriculture has been the main occupation apart from the recent coal and gas projects in the region. Chinchilla has seen major economic growth over the years and is home to all amenities like a cultural centre, art gallery and theatres. With hospitals, schools, sports and recreational centres, Chinchilla is a good housing neighbourhood and a place worth visiting to experience the heritage sites and local festivities.

With rainfall throughout the year in Chinchilla, it is only a natural and wise decision to invest in good and efficient water storage devices. By installing water tanks in your home, office, school, and restaurant you not just make optimum use of the rainwater but help conserve natural resources. Clark Tanks is a premier supplier of high-quality and durable water tanks in Chinchilla. We are a locally owned and operated business with over two decades of experience installing and maintaining water tanks in domestic, commercial, industrial, and rural spaces. We are committed to helping our community in Chinchilla conserve and save rainwater.

Premium Water Tanks Chinchilla

At Clark Tanks, you are assured of getting water tanks that are strong and durable. Our tanks are designed to withstand Australian weather conditions. With extra ribs for superior strength, all our water tanks are manufactured using 100% food-grade polyethylene.

BPA-free and UV-protected, our poly tanks are lightweight, easy to install and maintain and corrosion/rust-free. With a wide variety of shapes and colours to choose from, Clark tanks are stylish and trendy. Here is more about our wide range of top-quality water tanks!

Round Tanks Under 10k L

Our small tanks come with superior design and quality watermarked fittings. With no vertical side seams, they can be even linked together for greater storage capacity. All our small tanks are made up of one-piece construction. This ensures there is no algae formation, and the tank remains dust and insect free. These tanks are quite sturdy and last long in both urban and rural settings. These tanks come with a warranty of 25 years.

Round Tanks Over 10k L

These heavy-duty, premium-quality water tanks are designed with tapered walls to further increase their strength. Available in a wide range of colours, these one-piece construction tanks are not the usual dull pieces that spoil the aesthetic value of your home or office. Our round tanks are competitively priced and last long in any weather condition and surroundings. All our round water tanks come with a 25-year warranty with them.

Slimline Water Tanks

These tanks are an ideal choice to store water in unused spaces on your property. Buildings with space constraints can also install these tanks that come in various shapes and soothing colours. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be even linked together whenever needed. For optimum space utilisation, we recommend these durable, easy-to-install and competitively priced tanks which come with a 10-year warranty.

Thin Tanks

These modern and stylish tanks are preferred for their space-saving designs. Available in a variety of appealing colours, these tanks add to the aesthetic value of your property. They can even be positioned alongside a fence or wall and can act as an additional layer to the screen to enhance privacy. You can even turn your thin tanks into a vertical garden! These tanks are strong and durable and can be interlinked to give the desired storage capacity.

Industrial Tanks

Clark Tanks provides specialised custom-fitted industrial tanks for water treatment plants, industrial water storage, chemical storage and processing and liquid fertiliser transport and storage. Our high-quality industrial tanks come with a storage capacity of 1000L to 50,050L and can store a wide range of chemicals. These finest tanks are manufactured to hold liquids with a specific gravity ranging from SG1 to SG2.

Why Choose Clark Tanks?

Certified And Experienced

We are a locally owned and operated business manufacturing quality water tanks since 1997. Our years of experience providing top-grade poly tanks to residential, commercial, and industrial clients and our superior after-service has made us the preferred water tank specialist in Chinchilla. We are ISO and BASIX certified, and you can expect nothing but the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction with us.

Wide Choice Of Water Tanks

At Clark Tanks, we provide a wide range of poly tanks that are BPA-free, UV-resistant and made from 100% food-grade polyethylene. Our superior quality water tanks that come in various sizes and shapes are not just strong and long-lasting but have a great visual appeal. Rust-free and with a capacity to withstand a whole range of chemicals, fertilisers and industrial water, our industrial tanks are the best in the area.

High-Quality And Warranties

Our water tanks made from high-grade polyethylene can withstand the harsh weather conditions of our country and are apt for urban as well as rural spaces. We manufacture poly tanks adhering to Australian standards of quality and safety. Our water tanks are perfectly safe to use and do not change the quality or taste of water. We provide a warranty of up to 25 years on our round water tanks. Contact us for more details!

Competitive Prices

All our top-quality poly tanks are competitively priced. We provide personalised water tanks to meet your requirement at an affordable price. Whether you want to install a water tank for your home or office or looking for an industrial tank to store chemicals and fertilisers, we can provide custom-made tanks. Let us work together to save and utilise all that rainwater. Call us to get your personalised water tank today!

The Preferred Choice for Water Tanks in Chinchilla

A long-standing experience of over 25 years manufacturing premium-quality and food-grade poly tanks, efficient after-service, competitive prices and warranties and a friendly team who are always happy to assist has helped Clark Tanks to establish itself as a superior water tank provider in Chinchilla and its neighbourhood. We offer a wide range of pleasantly coloured and stylish water tanks that can complement the décor of your home and office. From tanks that can store chemicals to fertilisers and water tanks for rural as well as urban homes, we have something for all!

Call us now and we can assist you in selecting the perfect water tank at an affordable price!

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