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Water Tank Installation

Above Ground Water Tanks

Site Preparation and Maintenance

To maximise the life of your tank you can prepare your site as follows:

  • Uniform compaction (free from soft spots) and on level ground
  • Tanks can be either placed on a 75-100mm bed of crusher dust (not sand), levelled, boxed and compacted, OR 100mm thick concrete pad
  • All bases must be at least 200mm greater then the diameter of the tank
  • Ensure that the base has some sort of retainment to prevent erosion, e.g. retaining beams
  • A flexible coupling must be fitted to each outlet to validate the guarantee
  • Specifications for slab for 46,825L (10,300 gal) and 36,369L (8,000 gal) tanks:
    • Slab must be at least 200mm bigger then the base diameter of the tank
    • Slab must be at least 150mm thick with 2 layers of F82 mesh 75mm apart and a thickening of 200mm wide and 200mm deep with Y16 reo bar at the bottom of the thickening around the edge of the slab
    • Slab must be 32 mpa concrete mix
  • Ensure all plumbing from the outlets is well supported and cannot be knocked.

On The Delivery Day

We require you, the customer, to arrange sufficient manpower to assist our driver to unload
the tank/s.

  • 225gal – 3,000gal: 1 person required onsite at time of delivery
  • 5,000gal: 2 people required onsite at time of delivery
  • 5,200gal – 7,000gal: 3 people required onsite at time of delivery
  • 10,300gal: 4 people required onsite at time of delivery

We will help site the tanks only if the site is ready and accessible for the truck and trailer combination of 19.5m long, 3.5m wide and 5m high. Please ensure that you notify logistics if there is sufficient space for the truck and trailer to be turned around (a minimum of 50m turning space is required) and also of any obstacles (i.e. low power lines, etc) that the driver will need to consider.

PLEASE NOTE: the driver has the final decision to assess suitability of the site and will place the tank as near to the pad

Securing Your Tank

After delivery it is essential that unless the tank is being installed immediately, 2.5cm of water is put into the tank or the tank is tied down to prevent it from being blown away or damaged.