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Rainwater Tank Fittings and Accessories: Additional Extras to Consider for Your Water Tank

June 13, 2018
When buying a rainwater tank you will also need fittings and accessories, some are mandatory while others are recommended. The purpose of this article to help you understand what fittings and accessories you should consider for your water tank. Site Preparation While not a fitting or accessory, it is a very important extra to consider doing right, […]
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External Water Pumps vs Submersible Tank Pumps

March 7, 2018
If you plan to plumb your water tank into your home, then you will likely need a water tank pump to help deliver it to your home. Your pump can be installed inside (submersible pump) or outside (external pump)of your rainwater tank. This article will explore the differences between external (surface) water pumps and submersible (in-tank) water pumps, benefits each […]