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Galvanised Steel Water Tanks vs Poly Tanks

April 26, 2018
When looking for a rainwater tank for your property you will find many tanks on the market that are made from different materials. If you have investigated steel tanks in particular, then rainwater tanks fabricated from traditional galvanised steel is one that you may have come across. This article aims to provide an analysis of galvanised steel […]
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Steel Water Tanks: Galvanised Steel, Zincalume®, Stainless Steel, Aquaplate®

April 26, 2018
Water storage tanks can be found in a range of materials including polyethylene (plastic), galvanised steel, Zincalume®, stainless steel, a combination of steel and poly (Aquaplate®), fibreglass and also concrete. Although Clark Tanks manufacture poly water tanks, because we believe it provides a number of benefits over other materials, in this article we take look at […]