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Storage Silos

Clark Tanks strong and durable lightweight storage silos are available in a range of sizes for easy handling of bulk grain or liquid feeds, chemicals or molasses.

Manufactured from quality, food grade polyethylene and moulded in one piece, the one tonne silo also offers a choice of either centre or side delivery.

Each lightweight storage silo includes frame, 455mm screw lid, male adapter or stub flange up to 100mm OR galvanised shute.

Lightweight Storage Silos are available at our Dalby branch only.

Contact Clark Tanks Dalby via (07) 4660 6800 or dalbysales@clarktanks.com.au

Product Capacity Length x Overall Height x Width
1.3CMt Silo 1,300kg/litres 1040mm x 2609mm x 1040mm
4CMt Silo 4,000kg/litres 1450mm x 3100mm x 1450mm
6.8CMt Silo 6,800kg/litres 2575mm x 3359mm x 2300mm
30CMt Silo 30,000kg/litres 3354mm x 5938mm x 3354mm

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