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Can Your Family Live Off Tank Water Alone?

April 26, 2018
How much of your family’s water needs can be serviced by rainwater being harvested into a tank? If you are environmentally conscious and contemplating buying a rainwater tank, then you’ve probably wondered about this question. This article aims to help you determine if your family can live off tank water alone. Calculating Your Home’s Water Usage The first thing to consider […]
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Health Concerns Over Rainwater Use? Lead and Sludge Contamination in Rainwater

April 4, 2018
In Australia, there is a debate on the health of people using harvested rainwater. Earlier this year (2016), at the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) seminar in Sydney, a presentation that included recent research by PJ Coombes of Urban Water Cycle Solutions was presented. This article will explore some of the issues presented and the different sides. Sources […]