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Stock Water Tank Projects

Clark Tanks Support Australian Farmers

If you live in the western rural areas of Victoria, NSW or Queensland, then you would be well aware to the importance of having accessible stock water. It can really make or break a person when the Australian weather decides to dry up.

Whether you need a reliable water supply for irrigation purposes on farms, cattle stations, life stock or your own domestic use, having access to one is a must. Unlike city folk or people in suburban populations, mains water supply is normally not a luxury that you have in rural Australia.

Your way of life and livelihood depends heavily upon your water supplies and ultimately you. Clark Tanks have been supporting rural farmers and landholders for many years with stock water tanks and other products.

Dedicated Staff for Rural Customers

Our specialist and dedicated sales, production and despatch staff plus the wisdom of 17 years of manufacturing poly tanks allows Clark Tanks to serve the water tank needs of our rural customers.

We know how to design a stock water tank to withstand the harsh dry climate of the Australian outback. Our rainwaters tanks will not warp, split or crack. They have a self-supporting roof design (no centre poles), are manufactured as one piece and the roof is never cut off (no lids!).

Our iconic DNR 5000 gallon rural stock water tank has been purpose-designed for use with stock water projects. It comes with two high level flat spots for both inlet and float set up from a bore, and convenient fitting of an overflow pipe.

Reliability You Can Count On

Many brands promote a long warranty that they may never be able to back. At Clark Tanks we prefer to provide a poly tank that is actually reliable and built to withstand tough and rigid rural conditions.

Aussie farmers prefer reliability over warranty, because if they don’t survive during the dry periods then claiming a tank warranty is little consolation.

That said, Clark Tanks do also service urban customers and home owners who can have a peace of mind knowing they have a full repair/replacement warranty with a trusted iconic Australian brand, even if they will never need to claim it.

Clark Tanks Can Respond Quickly

With landholders suffering diminishing supplies of stock water our team has the production and distribution capacity to respond quickly to the peak demands that the dry weather creates. Clark Tanks’ fleet of delivery trucks and trailers can reach most rural areas in a reasonable time.

If you need stock water tanks, then consider Clark Tanks as your first option. Call us directly on 1800 252 758. You will not be disappointed.