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Polyethylene Water Tanks

Poly water tanks are one of the most popular tanks on the market today due to their strength, durability and price. Tanks are fabricated through a rotomoulding process where plastic resin is heated up, rotationally spun inside a cast and then cooled and allowed to set. Poly tanks are either rotomoulded:

  1. as two pieces that are then joined together through a plastic welding process; or
  2. as one piece without any side seams (required as part of the Australian poly tank standard).

In Australia today most poly tanks are made to comply with the Australian standard AS/NZS 4766. This standard specifies certain requirements when building a poly tank that ensure it will be able to reliably store liquids under Earth’s normal atmospheric conditions.

In addition, it requires that poly tanks have a minimum UV-8 level protection. One of the highest grades of UV-resistant polyethylene available is Rotathene “SUPA UV” which far exceeds this standard and is so will survive much longer the Sun.