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Environmental Concerns Over Australia’s Natural Water Supplies and Growing Population

Environmental Concerns over Australia's Natural Water Supplies and Growing Population

While saving money is often cited as a reason for harvesting rainwater, the desire to be more environmentally-friendly – to preserve our precious water supplies for our ecosystems, for recreation and future generations – is the more compelling reason people invest in a rainwater harvesting system.


Throughout Australia today, environmental concerns are at an all-time high. Such concerns appear valid given the depletion of river systems (the Murray River being one example), and the increased salinity of our land due to human activities such as irrigation development and land clearing.

One solution to help protect Australia’s precious waterways and underground water sources is to install rainwater tanks. This action is one everyone can take to give back to this beautiful land we call home.

How Australians Became Water Conscious

In many years past Australians once took for granted water and considered it a free and abundant resource. Water was even unmetered and made freely available to many residential properties in many towns and suburbs. Increased knowledge of the adverse effects upon the health of our rivers, mixed with droughts experienced across the country, has resulted in water being charged for and water restrictions coming into effect in many areas where previously there was none.

Today, we are now much more conscious to the detrimental effects tapping into our waterways and groundwater systems can have both economically and environmentally. These consequences include declines in native animal and plant populations with possible extinctions, as well as reduced agricultural production caused by reduced water availability or increased salinity.

Water Use in Australia

One must wonder, how can one single property make a difference? Individual households in the scheme of things do not consume a lot of water. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Water Account, Australia report revealed agriculture was responsible for 62% of Australia’s water use during 2013-2014. By comparison, the total consumption of water by households during the same period came to approximately 13%.

Keep in mind that this 13% figure does not include what would be the case if we excluded the 34% of Australian households that have water storage tanks.  Furthermore, there were 23 million people in Australia during 2013 and this figure grows each day. ABS reports our population will nearly double by 2100 to 45 million people.

Australians Know Saving Water is Important

Weighing all this into consideration, it is evident that we need to start conserving Australia’s precious water sources for the sake of our current environment and future generations. Thankfully many Australians understand this is a very real issue. ABS reports that half of the estimated 1.7 million households installed water tanks primarily to save water, with cost savings only a secondary motive.

If you are interested in helping protect Australia’s natural water sources, keeping our environment and unique ecosystems safe, then you can do your part by installing a rainwater tank. In the process, you stand to make some savings over time, especially as local water authorities continue to increase the price on water over time. Clark Tanks are a trusted manufacturer and reliable brand in poly water tanks, we would be happy to provide you with a competitive deal.