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AQUAPLATE® Steel Tanks

AQUAPLATE® steel is available in unpainted and laminated/pre-painted COLORBOND® steel forms.

In laminated or painted form, the steel is comprised of ZINCALUME® steel hot-dipped in 275g/m2 of zinc. The outer side is laminated or coated with a COLORBOND® colour, while the inner side is laminated with a thin poly coating.

In unpainted form, the product consists of ZINCALUME steel hot-dipped in 450g/m2 of zinc. Different finishes are available for the exterior side, and the inner side is again coated with a thin poly layer to help protect the steel from water corrosion.

What makes AQUAPLATE steel is the paper thin interior coating of food-grade polyethylene which is one-fifth of a millimetre in thickness

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