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NSW Water Tank Specifications

The following tables represent the full range of poly tanks Clark Tanks in Bathurst, NSW manufacture, servicing New South Wales and the ACT. To view tank specifications for other facilities click here.


Round Tanks

View more details about our small and large round tanks.

Model Size Height Diameter Inlet Height
CT440 2,000L 2,000mm 1,200mm 2,000mm
CT575 2,600L 1,730mm 1,440mm 1,730mm
CT660 3,000L 2,100mm 1,440mm 2,100mm
CT1000 squat 4,500L 1,520mm 2,140mm 1,400mm
CT1100 5,000L 2,190mm 1,820mm 2,150mm
CT1100 squat 5,000L 1,750mm 2,100mm 1,660mm
CT2000 9,000L 2,390mm 2,340mm 2,250mm
CT2200 10,000L 2,100mm 2,630mm 2,020mm
CT3000 13,600L 2,650mm 2,860mm 2,400mm
CT5000 22,700L 2,860mm 3,650mm 2,400mm
CT5000 DNR 22,700L 2,900mm 3,500mm 2,570mm
CT5200 23,600L 2,300mm 4,150mm 2,000mm
CT7000 31,800L 2,850mm 4,150mm 2,560mm
CT10000 46,800L 3,340mm 4,590mm 2,950mm
CT11000 50,050L 3,420mm 4,400mm 3,030mm


Slimline Tanks

View more details about our Slimline Tanks.

Model Size Height Width Length
SL2000 2,000L 1,700mm 680mm 2,180mm
SL2000 3,000L 2,000mm 785mm 2,570mm
SL2000 5,000L 2,100mm 1,050mm 3,300mm


Underground Tanks

View more details about our Li-Lo Underground Tanks.

Size Height Width Length
1,600L 1,010mm 1,250mm 2,100mm
3,000L 1,050mm 2,100mm 2,450mm
5,000L 1,320mm 2,300mm 2,890mm

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