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Protecting Your Rainwater Tank Against Mosquitoes

Protecting your Rainwater Tank against MosquitoesRainwater tanks are an important alternate water supply for topping up your swimming pool, garden, toilet or washing clothes. Whether you just purchased a property with a water tank plumbed in or are about to install a rainwater tank, you need to ensure your tank is well maintained and mosquito-proof.

Mosquitoes can pass on many viruses and many states and councils are often at war to keep them under control. Mosquito borne infections may cause symptoms such as tiredness, rash, fever, and sore and swollen joints. The symptoms usually resolve after several days but some people may experience these symptoms for weeks or even months.

Given the health risks associated with mosquitoes, in many areas throughout Australia you are required to keep your water tank mosquito proof. Failing to do so can result in on the spot fines.

Some basic measures that you can take to protect your rainwater tank and property being a breeding ground for mozzies include:

  1. Installing mosquito proof screens and strainers with a mesh size of 1mm or less on outlets, overflows and any other tank entry points (screens should be made of brass, copper, aluminium or stainless steel and installed in a way that does not cause corrosion).
  2. Using flap valves which can stop mosquitoes passing through openings when closed.
  3. Ensure your screens and strainer are fitted tightly and are without rips, holes and defects. Repair straight away if damaged.
  4. Inspect and clean your first flush device every 3 months.
  5. Inspect your tank and rainwater every 6 months.
  6. Look for sources of open water in cans, pot plants, buckets, lids, bins, tyre rims and the like and tip them out to destroy external breeding grounds.

You can also treat the water in your rainwater tank to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs and to kill any larvae that may already be present.

Clark Tanks can provide a range of accessories with your water tank to secure your rainwater tank against mosquitoes. If you are interested in a water tank, or would like further information, then call or email us – our friendly staff would be happy to talk with you.


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