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How to Plan Your Farm Water Storage

How to Plan your Farm Water Storage

As a farmer or someone dealing with agriculture you would understand that water means everything to your land or livestock, family and business. The consequences of not having water are tragic and so it is extremely important to know how much water you need.

The Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) estimate that:

“50% of dairy, 98% of meat and wool production, 96% of cropping, 70% of potatoes, 40% of vegetables, and significant areas of grapes and fruit crops utilise unregulated water for their production systems”

Water often gets used in production systems including stock water, irrigation, plant wash down and production management processes. So it is important you have a plentiful supply of water in order to carry out your farm business activities.

Careful planning is required to ensure you have supply all year long even as seasons change. The key steps to planning the water storage for your property are:

  1. Identify the specific uses of water for your property (for example, watering livestock, irrigating crops, aquaculture, processing, weed spraying, cleaning, fire-fighting, etc.) and how much water is required for each use (it is convenient to work with your average daily and annual requirements)
  2. Identify the water sources available to your property taking into consideration what uses they would be suitable for based on their quality and any licenses required
  3. Identify the water storage facilities needed for each water type – whether stock tanks, rainwater tanks, dams or the like.

Each property is different, so while you can base your estimates on other farms, keep in mind your property’s specific features.

It pays to plan your storage requirements carefully as you can often negotiate better pricing when purchasing multiple tanks or even full truck loads.

If you have a good idea of the volume of water you want to store, then we can help you work out the most economical quantity and configuration of tanks to meet that volumetric requirement. Clark Tanks can also supply you with reliable water storage with dedicated water tank fittings appropriate to your farm’s water source and usage. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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