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Water and Poly Tanks West Bathurst

West Bathurst is a scenic and calm suburb in New South Wales known for many historical sites and parks in the region. With rainfall for almost nine months in a year, it is imperative that we collect and utilise all the water without letting it go into the drain. Investing in good and durable water storage devices not just helps save water during the rains but the stored water can be used during the dry season as well.

Clark Tanks is a premier poly tank manufacturer in the West Bathurst region. With over 25 years of industry experience supplying high-quality, BPA-free, food-grade polyethylene water tanks to both urban and rural areas, we are the unrivalled water tank specialists in and around West Bathurst. We are a locally owned and operated ISO-certified company and adhere to Australian standards of safety and quality. We are committed to providing custom-made tanks to meet each client’s requirement whether it is for industrial, commercial, or domestic use. All our tanks are long-lasting, look great and are affordable.

Best-In-Class Water Tanks West Bathurst

All our water tanks are made of BPA-free, UV-stabilised, high-quality food-grade polyethylene and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Durable and sturdy, our tanks are one-piece construction ensuring dust and insects do not get trapped inside the water.

Our poly tanks do not rust or corrode and keep the water safe without changing the quality or taste even after a long storage period. Our tanks are reputed for their strength and last for many years to come. Low on maintenance and lightweight, they are easy to transport and install. They come in various sizes, shapes and vibrant colours and enhance the value of your premises. Here is more about our quality water tanks!

Round Tanks Under 10k L

These stylish small tanks are quite strong and come with quality water-marked fittings. They have no vertical side seams and can be linked together easily to get more storage capacity. Easy to transport and install, these poly tanks come with a warranty of 25 years. Available in a range of colours, they are affordably priced and last long.

Round Tanks Over 10k L

Just like the small tanks, these heavy-duty, high-capacity tanks come with superior design and tapered walls. These one-piece construction tanks are known for their strength and durability. They are pleasantly coloured and can be customised to complement the look of your property. They have a warranty of 25 years.

Slimline Water Tanks

Ideal to use in properties with limited space, these sleek water tanks look very trendy and can enhance the look of your house. Compact and easy to manoeuvre, they can be even linked together for greater storage capacity. Aesthetically appealing and functional, our slimline tanks last for many years to come. They come with a warranty of 10 years.

Thin Tanks

These modern tanks can blend easily with the looks of contemporary buildings and can be placed conveniently to increase the visual appeal of the premises. They can be positioned alongside a fence or against a wall and can double up as a vertical garden using thin pots. Designed to suit any location, these tanks are a must-have for your property.

Industrial Tanks

We have years of experience providing high-quality custom-fitted industrial tanks for chemical storage, liquid fertiliser transportation and storage, water treatment plants and industrial water storage. Our industrial tanks can hold 1000L to 50.050L liquids including a wide range of chemicals. Contact us for more details!

Why Choose Clark Tanks?

ISO Certified Business

We are ISO and BASIX certified assuring that our products meet all the standards of quality and safety. We are a trustworthy business and provide timely and efficient after-service. All our water tanks are made from food-grade, non-BPA polyethylene and are safe to use. Sturdy and durable, our products last for a long time without giving any trouble.

Locally Owned And Operated

Manufacturing poly tanks since 1997, we are a locally owned and operated business. We understand the requirement of our community and provide customised tanks to meet the individual water tank needs of every client. From weather-resistant tanks to suit rural homes to thin tanks that can fit in any urban structure, we have tanks for everyone.

Quality Assurance

Clark tanks come with quality assurance. We adhere to Australian standards of quality and manufacture all our poly tanks ensuring to provide customer satisfaction of the highest level. Strong and heavy-duty, our tanks are rust-free and do not change the quality and taste of the stored water. Invest in our tanks and you will not have to worry for years to come.

Tanks That Meet Individual Needs

We can manufacture personalised tanks to meet your requirements. From custom-fitted industrial tanks to store a variety of chemicals, liquid fertilisers and industrial water to tanks that can withstand the most demanding weather and surroundings in both rural and urban spaces, our team can help meet all your water tank needs.

Competitive Prices And Warranties

As we manufacture our tanks, we can provide them directly to our customers at affordable prices. Our tanks are built to last long without causing any problems and come with extended warranties. Our round tanks have a warranty of 25 years. Contact us to get more information about our after-service and warranties.

Premier Water Tanks West Bathurst

Your search for superior water tanks in and around West Bathurst will end with Clark Tanks. Our 25-plus years of experience, friendly team that is always available to help, quality assurance and wide range of tanks to choose from have given us an edge over others and made us the preferred water tank experts in West Bathurst and its neighbourhood.

Contact us to get your custom-made water tank today!

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