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Is Your Water Tank Built According to AS/NZS ISO 9001?

Is Your Water Tank Built According to ASNZS ISO 9001?Clark Tanks are independently certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. This ensures that quality management systems during the manufacture of poly tanks are in place to meet customer requirements and targeted standards, and demonstrates that processes are in place to continually meet those requirements.

Why are Quality Management Systems Important?

A company that has in place quality management systems provides you with a higher level of assurance that their product will be made the same each and every time. As such, a high quality product built once, will result in the same high quality product built over and over again – due to the quality management systems in place.

Why is ISO 9001 Important for Poly Tanks?

Consider if you want to buy a very strong poly tank that you will know will last. You should then ensure that your poly tank complies with AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.

Poly tanks made to this standard are rotationally moulded to have a high-structural integrity. They must meet specific requirements like one-piece seamless construction, thicker corners at the base and many other features. This guarantees they will be capable of containing water, liquids for food and beverage manufacture and chemical solutions under Earth’s atmospheric conditions.

How can you know that the poly tank you will receive will really comply with this Australian standard?

First, do not just assume all poly tank manufacturers do comply with Australian standards. There is a misunderstanding that Australian standards are legal requirements, but they are not! Rather, Australian standards are recommendations set by an organisation called Standards Australia.  Compliance with any Australian standard is normally voluntary unless the product is specifically articulated by government and legislated.

Second, many poly tank manufacturers claim to build tanks according to AS/NZS 4766:2006. Just about anyone can claim this without offering any real evidence. Even fewer poly tank manufacturers are actually independently certified to comply with the standard by a Standards Australia approved accreditor.

Third, even if a poly tank manufacturer is independently certified for AS/NZS 4766:2006, the tests were conducted on the poly tanks manufactured at the time of testing. It does not mean that manufacturing processes are in place that will result in the same tank over and over again.

That is why you also want to go with an ISO 9001:2008 certified tank manufacturer. This provides you with the highest level of assurance, letting you know that quality management systems are in placethat will result in the same quality tank being produced time and time again.

Clark Tanks are independently certified to both standards – AS/NSZ 4766/2006 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. If you have found this article helpful, why not contact us today to discuss your needs.


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